The 10 most harmful foods for oral health

It is not the first time that we spoke about the importance of nutrition in the oral health sector, but this time we will be a little more specific and specific, since we will talk about the 10 most harmful foods for oral health, where We are only going to name these foods, but we will also explain the reasons why they affect our teeth.

The 10 most harmful foods for oral health

 Sweets: It is clear that foods rich in sugar are one of the main enemies for oral health, especially sticky sweets since they remain longer between the teeth because they are more difficult to remove. That is why in case of consuming sweets it is recommended to brush your teeth to avoid the appearance and development of caries.

Gherkins in vinegar: Although this is a little known product in this type of listings must say that we are facing an acid food that causes excessive wear of the teeth, so it is advisable to moderate consumption.

Citrus: In the same way as it happens with pickled cucumbers, one of the main components of citrus is acid, so its consumption causes the tooth enamel to gradually and steadily disappear.

Coffee: This is one of the products that most affect dental aesthetics and is that they cause dental stains on the enamel and that they require specific treatments such as whitening or dental veneers. In addition another of the particularities of this product is that, when containing caffeine, makes that our mouth dries quickly so it is convenient to drink water after drinking coffee.

Potato chips: Many of us like chips as well as other snacks and although it is true that we are faced with a delicious “snack”, we cannot forget that these are foods rich in salt and that it is also very common lodge small pieces of potato in the teeth, a very propitious situation for the development of dental caries.

Soft drinks: One of the main characteristics of these products (cola, orange, lemon …) is that they have high levels of sugar, this being one of the main enemies of the enamel and which makes it possible to favor the appearance of caries. In addition to this it is necessary to emphasize that this type of drinks dry the mouth.

Wine: This popular drink not only stains the tooth enamel but also has to talk about its sticky texture and can cause all kinds of problems at the oral level such as facilitating the appearance of caries.

Ketchup: It is one of the most popular “companions” today and the truth is that this tomato sauce has all kinds of ingredients (vinegar, acid …) that are not favorable for our teeth. In this way it is recommended to make a moderate use of this seasoning used mainly to accompany the meat.

Tea: In the same way that happens with coffee or wine, tea should be highlighted as one of the products that are related to the appearance of dental stains, so if you drink this beverage it is recommended to brush your teeth if we do not want to affect dental aesthetics.

Bread: Finally we finish this list talking about both bread and pasta, very everyday foods in our day to day and which are mainly composed of carbohydrates, which if ingested in abundance can damage the dental plaque.

It is clear that this is a large list and in which we can find staples, in this way the solution is not to eliminate these products from our diet but the main objective is to maximize precautions through a complete routine of oral hygiene, especially after consuming these products. In short, it is proven that the best way we have when it comes to showing off a beautiful smile is practicing a series of prevention techniques, where not only is it necessary to brush the teeth, but we must also visit our trusted dentist on a regular basis.

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