The 10 worst enemies of your teeth

A nice smile is one of the best presentation letters we can have. While a dentist can help us keep our teeth in optimal condition, it is necessary to do our part to have habits that benefit our oral health. These foods are the worst enemies of your teeth according to the American Dental Association *. Take note:


It may be indispensable in the morning, but if you want to keep a white smile, it is best to avoid it as it can leave stains on your teeth, being more persistent than even those left by the tobacco.

Foods based on starches

Among them, pasta, rice or potatoes can damage the teeth. The reason? The way in which sugar is metabolized, since it produces acids that wear out tooth enamel.

Hard candies

Not only because of the high content of sugar in its content, but because of the danger they represent when biting them, causing chipped or even broken teeth.

Carbonated drinks

In them converges the sugary and effervescent element, being a lethal combination for our smile, because the bacteria use the sugar to produce acids that attack the enamel and the gaseous water affects the absorption and permanence of the calcium in the bones and teeth.


Although they do not contain sugar, the hardness of this element can damage the enamel and leave the teeth vulnerable to temperature.

Hard fruits

If you are a fan of nuts or peanuts, limit the consumption of these foods, as they can damage not only the enamel, but dental implants, dentures and even orthodontic appliances. Check that they are not too hard or try to taste them in smaller pieces.

Isotonic drinks

You are probably a user of them if you exercise, however these drinks are composed mostly of sugar and acids, which damage your teeth and can sometimes be unnecessary in your consumption.

Citrus foods

The acid in fruits can make a dent in our teeth, eroding the enamel, in addition to leaving them vulnerable to decay over time.


Due to dehydration and the dry mouth it causes, alcohol can lead to oral infections or tooth decay, in addition to increasing the risk of mouth cancer.

Sticky foods

Within the categories of worst enemies of your teeth, they are probably the most harmful, especially if we talk about high sugar content candies, since they stay stuck in your mouth, staying longer than others.

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