The dental clinic first visit

In your first visit to the dental clinic it will be necessary, from the first moment, to collect your personal data to be able to elaborate a summarized medical-ontological history which highlights: General diseases, surgical interventions, taking medication, allergies, coagulation alterations, explorations and previous analyzes, etc. If you use an appliance (splint, maintainer, prosthesis, etc.) it is essential that you take it to the dental clinic to be able to review it.

In the mouth there are not only cavities, think that without the saliva, muscles, articulation, tongue, etc., neither the teeth nor the chewing would be viable. Therefore, in a first review, the following is very important:

  • Maxillary exploration, alterations of the maxillary-jaw joint, pain-dysfunction binomial, dental malocclusions, crowding, tightening, bruxism, etc.
  • Appearance of the gums and other soft tissues of the mouth. The injuries and diseases of them are very varied and with different prognoses. This exploration carried out by the competent professional is very important, both in a first visit and in the successive ones. Discovering a serious injury early on is vital.
  • Detailed inspection of all teeth: Odontogram (caries, absences, previous treatments, fractures, mobility, malposition’s, pathology of wisdom teeth, dyschromias, etc.).
  • Radiological examination when essential.
  • Functional assessment of the salivary glands: Dry mouth, taking PH in saliva (acidity-alkalinity), in certain cases.
  • Determination of the “bacterial plaque index”, presence of tartar, periodontal health status, bag measurement, gingivorrhagia, hypersensitivity, etc.

In summary, attention, data, exploration, diagnosis, information, advice and planning will be necessary in your first visit to the dental clinic.

All this will help us to establish a good DIAGNOSIS and to elaborate a detailed treatment plan in which the priorities, the possible solutions and the order of application of the treatments are defined.

After the exploration we will give you all the information and advice that may be necessary. ASK, do not be left with doubts.

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