The dentist a fun

The results are obvious. After the first visit, more than 15 thousand children now enter the place as if it were a game site to which they are already accustomed to go.

With the fun methods of the clinic and after some visits to the dentist, the children begin to use their toothbrush in a different way.

It is as if they were aware of the value of healthy teeth. They learn to brush three times a day, to use dental floss and, in some cases, as in children over three years old, they deliver the bottle from the bottle to the doctor’s office, because it hurts them….

Although the clinic has been in operation for eight years, it was not until 1987 that psychology began to be implemented in the dental treatment of children. Today, six psychologists participate in its general treatment.

It all started as a thesis of psychology degree. Today, after the positive results in children, it is fully used in the clinic’s dental consultations.

But not only is the plan to fight fear for patients. Parents must also be present from the beginning to the end and are responsible for the work to last.

The first thing that is done is an interview. It establishes the fear that the child has and the way in which the parents explain to their children the importance of the dentist. It is there, generally, where the terror of the little ones takes place. A whole process the participation of the parents of the small patients is fundamental in the dental treatment. One of them must be present and accompany the child in his first experience that will remain in his memory.

The dialogue before the treatment is the first step of the process. The program is adapted according to the need of dental anxiety that the child has.

After the fears are detected, the parents go to a small constellation filled with dolls that hang from the ceiling. There are no large mirrors or interrogation lamps.

Then, calmly and with full attention to the child, a diagnosis of the damage to the denture is made. Thus they determine what the appropriate treatment to solve the problem is.

The appointment to the specialist is not done immediately. There begins the first step to remove the fear of children.

The parents, at home, should follow a preparation guide to visit the dentist again.

It is a basic procedure of things that do not produce pain. Then they adapt to water, cotton, bib, mirror, developer and brush.

The second step of the process is the query. There, the work of the parents with the child in the house acquires special importance, because they must be accustomed to those elements that are used in dentistry.

Then, the specialists and psychologists sit their little patients in the chair. They play with them and begin to manipulate the air and water in their hands so they do not get scared when they reach the teeth.

In this way they control the children’s crying. A mirror that they use, without lamps and with a toothbrush in hand. In the case of the strawberry, a necessary instrument, they cannot hide it and must use it during the treatment. In external cases, they use anesthesia and warn parents about the effects that the child will have and how to treat it so that it is not a negative experience. Prevent before…

The bad memories in the dentist, in general, are due to serious damage to the teeth of children. It is a situation that also has consequences for the parents who neglect their children.

Is that after the consumption, the responsibility is of the parents. It is the third and last step that is applied in the clinic to children who received care from specialists.

After watching the film I do not want more bacteria to be measured, habits must be created to keep the teeth of children up to age 17 in good condition.

It is a challenge to serve children who are younger. We currently have two one-month-old patients who were born with teeth. In that case we do surgeries and permanently monitor his teeth, said Villain.

The costs of treatment are not high. They are adapted to the market of the city and, even, the value of the consultation is cheaper. There is also payment for fees that can be used by parents.

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