The benefits of dental cosmetics

Although it is true that appearances should not be a differential factor, the truth is that in society today we find that a first impression continues to carry much weight. A good image together with a good image can get us to open many doors, which is why we should not discard it. We are aware of the importance of the image, and that is why today we will explain the importance of dental cosmetics.

Dental Cosmetics: Smile without fear!

We can find studies that have shown that a feature in which people are most fixed is always in the smile. Depending on the state of our mouth this can be good or bad, and although in those people with a good genetics and a perfect smile this benefits them greatly, the truth is that not all of us have that great luck that is having a smile worthy of Hollywood.

Luckily, for all genetically ungrateful we can find a solution to any problem that arises, and that dental aesthetics aims to give a much more pleasant smile through both restorative and cosmetic treatments.

What we are looking for with this is always to give the first impression that we think it can serve to stand out, and in this way we get the opportunities that we have looked for so long, thanks to that improvement in the image and the consequent injection of security in ourselves.

There are many patients who have explained their self-esteem problems because they do not have the smile they would like, so with this technique a new world of possibilities is literally opened to them.

A beautiful smile will not only make a better impression, but also a moral reinforcement that you and others will notice.

Do you have to change a tooth to rejuvenate your image? Have you lost a tooth and cannot smile without fear of being seen? Maybe it’s an orthodontic technique you need to smile again? Well, we have the solution.

Regardless of whether the response to our treatment is a dental whitening or implant ology treatment, what is certain is that patients who decide after practice, are so satisfied that it really is like “starting over from scratch”. In many aspects of his life.

Implants in a day

We know the trauma of losing a tooth. This is something that still happens today, whether due to a trauma, a serious dental problem … Regardless of the reason, this very negatively affects the aesthetics and function, although fortunately we find ways to replace the dentition.

Orthodontics: Brackets or Envisaging

No matter what technique you’re looking for, we have the answer for you. We know that there are many adult patients who do not want to undergo orthodontic treatment for fear of what they will say, and this is a technique that has always been related to the youngest, adolescents and young adults in the best case.

For all of them there are aesthetic orthodontic techniques: thanks to Envisaging, lingual orthodontics or sapphire brackets we achieve impressive results in the same time as with metal orthodontics and without altering our dental aesthetics during treatment.

This way you do not have to say goodbye to a healthy and pretty mouth. They will not be noticed while you are wearing them, but you will notice that you have worn them at the end of the treatment!

Teeth whitening

There are people who have a perfectly aligned smile, but where their problem lies and the cause of stigma is in the tone of their teeth. To do this, teeth whitening is the best option we can offer. This treatment, although it is not permanent, can last a long time if it is treated properly.

The target that we will obtain will be several shades of white above what we currently have, although to maintain it we will have to make some small efforts, such as not drinking coffee, smoking … But we do not have to believe that it is a complicated treatment, but quite the contrary: it’s a really simple treatment.